Debt recovery in Kazakhstan

Our law firm provide with legal services on the debt collection in Kazakhstan. «How to repay the debt» — This question is asked by many people and companies in Kazakhstan. Moreover, in times of crisis, the above-mentioned money issue becomes especially urgent. Every day, our law firm is being asked: «help me collect the debt.» Nowadays unfortunately there is a sad tendency not to return the debts in Almaty and general in Kazakhstan.

How can we help with the debt recovery?

Our skilled legal team will do the best to collect client’s money from debtor in Kazakhstan, in a short time and without damaging the client’s and debtor’s relationship.

Our legal services on the debt collection include following parts:

1. Pre-trial debt recovery;

2. Debt collection through trial;

3. Debt collection in enforcement procedure.

We work until you get your money back then do not afraid to contact us.


If you are interested in the debt recovery in Kazakhstan or you just need legal advice on your matter then feel free to contact us by listed below e-mail or telephone number.